Danse Macabre

Vamp has been Djing since 2008. Over the years she has had multiple guest spots for various Alternative, Goth and Industrial clubs and events in her hometown of Tucson, AZ and throughout AZ. Most notable guest spots are: Club Sanctuary (Tucson, AZ), CUPCAKE! (Phoenix, AZ), Fallout Shelter (Phoenix, AZ) and Night of The Owl (Owl’s Club Tucson, AZ)
She had her first club residency at R Bar (Tucson, AZ) under the all female DJ collective called Ladies Night. There she curated sets that blended multiple electronic music genres into a dark and edgy vibe for the dance floor. In 2018 she had her second club residency at R Bar (Tucson, AZ) for the DJ collective called SPEKTRUM. There she blends older and current tracks of the goth/alt genre to create a sonic mix of nostalgia with current incarnations.
Now with these unprecedented times in a global pandemic she has taken her love of DJing live to Twitch.
Mixcloud: VampFeline Facebook: DJvampfeline Instagram: Vampfeline
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