Show created to expand the boundaries of Veneno! On this series, you will listen to selections and mixes sent from artists and friends that are abroad and can’t come to the studio in São Paulo!


Show created to expand the boundaries of Veneno! On this series, you will listen to selections and mixes sent from artists and friends that are abroad and can’t come to the studio in São Paulo!

Our new Casting Call collaborator is Florent Hadjinazarian aka Hajj. He is an artist, videographer and composer. He co-founded the record label Dawn iin 2009, through which he manages its artistic direction.

Florent is a Member of the Schnell Records brotherhood, a collective developing limitless Dadaist music and philosophy. In his show, Soullfrance FM broadcasted on LYL Radio, he invites artists to express their vision of Peter Pan's syndrome through their artistic practice.
Hajj also makes few rare live appearances with Lastrack and Epsilove under Last Pilgrims Of Love and with Renart and Amadouk7 under Schmirr Institut.

In 2018 he presented his live audio/video "My love is rotten to the core", a captivating performance taking as much experimental cinema as a cathartic club experience, mixing the rushes of his documentary as his sounds research, borrowing different codes such asmr, rap, trap, UK grime and ambient.

We are delighted to present his selection on the very day he is releasing DÉDICACE À PERSONNE,launched by the Lyon based record label Brothers From Different Mothers (BFDM). This 3-track EP, released digitally and on a 50 limited beautifully produced 10“ includes the audio track of his 2018 video work, "My love is rotten to the core" and 2 more exclusive tracks.

To celebrate this special event, the Veneno team prepared a brief interview with this multifaceted artist.

How was the process of producing “DÉDICACE À PERSONNE”?
I made this EP while I was making my first A/V live show, start working at midnight and finishing around 11 in the morning for months, while smoking lot of hash, it was like being a monk, in quest of void.

Listening to the music on the EP, it is clear that you interact with many different genres and aesthetics. What are your main influences behind this project?
The major influence is Robert Miles, with his track “Childrens” I used to sample it on “My love is rotten to the core” and on other tracks from my live, wtf with this track that fucked up my childhood?

The main influence is not to get influenced by music I like, but i’m into ambient, grime, folk, rap, hardcore, weird noise. I just want to feel free about what I want to do, and not to stigmatise my music in one genre, it’s a whole thing.

With these really turbulent times that we are facing with the COVID-19, many music related contents have been released on the internet. Do you think that releasing an album now involves some kind of responsibility?
I think making music by definition is already a responsibility, you have the responsibility of making big shits or roses, it depends on what you have to say and tell. For me, CO19 won’t change that.

Before CO19 we all know that we are all fucking boomers, the music scene is full of capitalists things, including me, i don’t know how this’ll change, all i know is that creation won’t stop, but we have to find a way for making this more responsible and let the old world die slowly.

About your Casting Call mix, where and when did you record this mix? And how did you go about choosing the records that you’ve included in it?
It’s not a mix, it’s a selecta of songs I was listening during lockdown, from DJ lostboi to Charles Manson, Riz Ortolani, Roi Heenok & Freeze Corleone, Xiu Xiu, Kelela and many more.
I decided not to mix it, it’s better for your ears !

What are your upcoming projects?
making more music and create my instruments, writing my film, releasing other artists on my label (Dawn), making new videos and then find a place to live maybe.

Malibu - Tilting On Windmills
Tirzah - Gladly
Charles Manson - Look at Your Game, Girl
Riz Ortolani - Cannibal holocaust (Main Theme)
Simone - Mabsouta
Bone Thugs n Harmony - Thuggish Ruggis Bone (Bass Remix)
Portetescouilles#3 - Tvmo & Nesko & Kenedy & Tisco
Roi Heenok & Freeze Corleone - 38 Special VS Ayya - Second Mistake
Xiu Xiu - Amargi ve Moo
Basic House - Sweater Shop
Lyra Valenza - Reality Blizz
Kelela - Frontline
Chily - Tout est cale Ft Koba-lad
Walton - Harpoon Riddim

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