Show created to expand the boundaries of Veneno! On this series, you will listen to selections and mixes sent from artists and friends that are abroad and can’t come to the studio in São Paulo!


Show created to expand the boundaries of Veneno! On this series, you will listen to selections and mixes sent from artists and friends that are abroad and can’t come to the studio in São Paulo!

Where and when did you record this mix??

I recorded this mix home alone. I sometimes do mix sessions with my friends but this time I was alone yesterday night. I preferred to be alone as tonight i'll be with loads of friends, i'm playing in a pirate rave in a squatted castle in the middle of the rich part of the city lol, so loads of people and ambience...

What was the process to choose the tracks you included in the mix?

I made a natural focus on my own production, music from my label Southfrap Alliance and friends around me (s/o Sucré Saleté, Nick Saturnin, Bled Runner). It's all about Southern France ambience :
people talking loud, big beats and low atmospheric pressure making you sweat more then usually.Marseille is a city with a hard sun and a strong wind, where a lot of people from all over the world meet. You can find that cosmopolite feeling in this mix through my selection. I mean, i just can't play one music style. There's also some unreleased tracks from me there.

Now on your self titled EP "BOGOSS-LACOSTE", what are your main influences to produce
these tracks?

For sure, it's a mirror of the city i live in and international influences i feel connected with. There is in this EP a focus on club culture and rave culture. It's less rap oriented then everything I did before. Music like angolan kuduro, brasilian funk, bmore club music, ballroom house or south african gqom make me go wild in a club, and i found it logical to mix these with my jumpstyle, hardstyle and gabber influences.

When I first listened to your EP, I immediately felt the party energy. It is really body oriented music. I imagine you produced this EP during the pandemic, which was a more introspective period. How was this process?

Yes, I actually did it quite much during confinement times. I spend my year going out, partying a lot and organizing parties. So confinement was quite a cool time for me to relax, but after 3 weeks, I was already getting excited about future parties. I went sometimes on my rooftop to dance and get all this energy out of my body. But mostly, yes i did produce music. All that energy, i did put it in this EP. I was like : « i want to rave, get laid, forget about everything, release something animal and physical, transpiration, trance, find a car and go fast and far... »

Recently we broadcasted the the 64-track massive compilation "Ici Danse Le Peuple Oublié '' produced by the Metaphore Collectif. It was surprising for us to listen to so much great music and to know more about the Marseille underground scene. In your perspective, what makes Marseille so special?

There is a real feeling here. Or a feeling of realness. I mean, I really wouldn't feel as much at home anywhere else in France. The vibe is unique here. There is that « south » thing, that you can feel all over southern french coast : people are relax and take things easy even when they speak loud with hard words. There is that relationship to water, mediterranean sea. And, what makes Marseille special in southern France, it's a big urban city with loads of different people from different origins.
Marseille has always been punk and rebel, people go in the streets and shout slogans, defend
important places from the city, as Marseille's mafia is everywhere. The underground scene is all
connected to these things. The local identity is strong, people defining themselves being marseillan before being french. We do things our way and nobody can tell us otherwise. And in fact, people love it or hate it.

Picture by Seraphine Bermond.
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