Veneno Takes on M-V-F 2018

Music Video Festival was created to celebrate the art of music video. Held by a team of national and international collaborators, m-v-f- seeks to enhance the audiovisual aesthetics, showcase new talents, explore new formats of production and distribution of this form of art, which crosses so many artistic languages. m-v-f- program spams from exhibitions, interactive installations, gigs, talks with artists and directors, audiovisual content screenings and production, and awards.

Veneno takes on m-v-f for the first time this year, presenting a live studio which, alongside m-v-f pocketshows, will explore all kinds of music variety, and most of all, Brazilian styles.

Our studio will be held at the external area of MIS SP and will be live during all weekend.

Saturday September 29th, 13:00-20:00
-Dreadlock Paranoia (W/ Gabriel Finotti)
-Phillipi + Rafael Canciam
-Guetto Brothers (W/ Kaire Jorge + Domenica)
-Marcelo Gerab

Sunday September 30th, 13:00-18:30
-Snyder’s of Hanover (W/ Hick Duarte)
-Rico Jorge

Free entry. All ages.

Saturday, 29 September 2018, 1:00PM