Today marks the release of TRATENWALD’S first solo EP, entitled LOST NOISE.

TRATENWALD’s sound resonates in vast spaces and nocturnal landscapes with experimentation at the heart of this project. This universe is sometimes dark with moments of airy tones, where industrial echoes melt into dark wave ambient notes and give life to an immersive and bewitching raw sound. The metallic notes of the synth and the electric guitar rub shoulders with the warmer notes of instruments collected along the way. The whole sound is lifted by a chorus of dense voices. TRWD is located between post-punk and new age inspirations, evoking the atmospheric sounds of artists like Nico, Soap&Skin, Cat Power or Deathprod. TRWD navigates a path where urban melancholy and the quest for contemplation fuses to create a resolutely contemporary sound. 

On this project, TRWD collaborated with several artists: the young contemporary music composer Samir Amarouch, mixed by VAMPI one of the two founding members of the electronic music group Daisy Mortem (having notably released their first album on the Berlin-based Napp Records label founded by the artist Catnapp) and mastered by Lorenzo Targhetta. TRWD is currently developing the image for this EP with photographer Boris Camaca.

We have been listening to LOST NOISE on repeat at the Studio and to celebrate its release, we conducted an interview with TRATENWALD!

We are aware of your other art projects and productions and we clearly feel a connection between them. In the midst of it all and our current space in time, who is TRATENWALD?

Hello Veneno !

Exactly !

TRATENWALD is a hybrid and an outlet project that allows me to link my different selves.

The truth is, I don’t know everything about TRATENWALD yet. Which is exciting by the way.

What are the main concepts behind LOST NOISE? 

Can I answer by saying that at the moment it’s quite abstract as I’m only at the beginning?

But what I can say is that Lost Noise is a personal ascension.

We loved the video clip for “And The Night Will Shine” and instantly captured the “Dogtooth” reference. Can you tell us a little bit about how the video came around and how it relates to the movie, if so?

Oh thank you very much! I am a big fan of Dogtooth by Yórgos Lánthimos.

I wanted to make a video that was closer to the codes of cinema than the video clip. The “dance” scene in Dogtooth is one of my favorite scenes. For me it’s not a dance scene but so much more. It’s absurd and intense with a desire for truth and freedom.

The other reference in my video is a dog dance competition, especially a Swiss woman dancing with her border collie, I find it fascinating and touching.

How was working with Boris Camaca on the visuals for the EP?

Boris Camaca and I collaborated on this project. We both love and respect each other’s work.

It went extremely well. It’s a pleasure to work with him.

How did the pandemic affect your creative processes?

I found myself unemployed. So I finally had time to finish my EP. Especially since I had quit smoking at the beginning of the pandemic, so my voice was very soft. I had to make the most of it. It was a great time!

If you could suggest to our listeners some music you have been listening to lately. What would you recommend?

At the moment I’m listening to Rakata by Arca over and over again. She’s really very, very talented.

What can we expect for TRATENWALD’S future?

If the future allows it, many things, I hope! In any case for me this is only the beginning.