Charles X


Come stay AFK with Bartigga, on this moment where the keyboard is away but your character is never offline.

Charles X

Come stay AFK with Bartigga, on this moment where the keyboard is away but your character is never offline.

AFK is a show curated by our friend and collaborator Bartigga, and today’s episode has a special guest: Charlie X. Known for his eclecticism towards music genres, this Los Angeles-born and France-based talent blends pop, hiphop, jazz and rock with extreme ability .
After 4 albums, Charles X presents EID² (Earth in Distress, Empire in Decline), probably his most personal and distinctive work of his already critically acclaimed discography.

In order to contextualize this special event, the AFK team conducted an interview with the artist, uncovering his musical references, his connection to Brazilian music and his relationship with the quarantine.

AFK is a moment when we are away from our keyboard. During quarantine, have you managed to be more present IRL (in real life)? What is your relationship with being online and offline?

It is true that this period of quarantine was very difficult to live with but also practical because it allowed me to reconnect with myself, to create differently and especially to move forward on my 6th album, basically the music for me allowed me not to disconnect from real life.

Have you had any contact with Brazilian music? Have you heard of Rodrigo Zin? (Particularly the album: Fazenda Diamante).

Yes I have a lot of contact with the music of Brazil and thanks to a platform called Collab Brazil, I am also in contact with artists like: Shacal; Black Pantera. I confess that the artist you told me about, I do not know him but if it is possible to create a link between us through you, I am open and available to meet him or exchange with him.

I noticed that you always deliver highly energetic performances in your shows, with lots of different references. What attracted you to the rap/trap genres?

My music is the translation of my emotions, rap or trap, do not define my music, sometimes I play Jazz or even pop for that matter I do not consider myself as a rapper but as an artist.

We can see an Astronaut-Rocker Charles X on the cover of E.I.D2. In a game where Charles is the main character, what would be his final goal?

The end goal of my music is to share love and peace no matter where, when, or in context.

Photograph by: Liza Butryn

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